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Adjective Phrase Complement Dictionary

Adjective Phrase Complement Dictionary

An adjective phrase complement is a word, phrase, or clause that completes the meaning of an adjective phrase. The three grammatical forms that function as adjective phrase complements are prepositional phrases, verb phrases in the form of infinitives, and that noun clauses. The following dictionary lists the most common adjectives followed by adjective phrase complements in the English language.


able + infinitive
accomplished at
accustomed to
addicted to
advanced at
afraid of
afraid + infinitive
afraid + that
agreeable to
alarmed at
alarmed by
alarmed + that
amazed at
amazed by
amazed + infinitive
amazed + that
amazing at
angry at
angry about
angry with
angry + that
anxious about
anxious + infinitive
anxious + that
apprehensive about
apt + infinitive
ashamed of
ashamed + infinitive
ashamed + that
astonished at
astonished by
astonished with
astonished + infinitive
astonished + that
attached to
attentive to
authorized + infinitive
aware of


bad at
better at
(the) best at
big + infinitive
bored of
bored with
bound + infinitive
brilliant at


careful of
careful + infinitive
careful + that
careless + infinitive
capable of
cautious + infinitive
certain + infinitive
clear + infinitive
comfortable with
committed to
compassionate about
competent in
complete with
composed of
concerned about
concerned with
confused about
confused with
conscious of
considerate + infinitive
content with
content + infinitive
content + that
courageous + infinitive
crazy + infinitive
cruel + infinitive
curious + infinitive
curious + that


dedicated to
deficient in
delighted + infinitive
delighted + that
depressed + infinitive
depressed + that
determined + infinitive
determined + that
devoted to
different from
difficult + infinitive
diligent in
diligent of
disappointed about
disappointed with
disappointed + infinitive
disappointed + that
discouraged by
disloyal to
distant to
distressed + infinitive
distressed + that
disturbed + infinitive
disturbed + that
due + infinitive


eager + infinitive
easy + infinitive
ecstatic about
ecstatic + infinitive
educated in
elated about
elated + that
eligible + infinitive
embarrassed + infinitive
embarrassed + that
emotional about
empty of
enchanted with
enraged + that
envious of
equal to
essential to
excited about
excited + infinitive
excited + that
excellent at
experienced in


faithful to
familiar with
famous for
fascinated + that
fast at
fearful of
fearful +that
flawless at
flustered about
fond of
fortunate + infinitive
fortunate + that
free + infinitive
frightened of
frightened + infinitive
frightened + that
full of
furious about
furious for
furious with
furious + that


gentle with
gifted at
glad + infinitive
glad + that
gracious for
grateful for
good at
great at
great with
grounded from
guilty of


happy about
happy with
happy + infinitive
happy + that
hard + infinitive
hesitant + infinitive
honored + that
hopeful + that
hopeless at


identical to
ill-fated + infinitive
impartial to
impolite + infinitive
impossible + infinitive
improbably + infinitive
inclined + infinitive
incomparable to
infamous for
infatuated with
inferior to
insecure about
intent on
interested in
involved in
irresponsible + infinitive


jealous of
jealous + that


keen on
keen + infinitive
kind + infinitive
knowledgeable about
known for


lame + infinitive
late + infinitive
legal + infinitive
liable + infinitive
likely + infinitive
lucky + infinitive
lucky + infinitive
lucky + that


mad about
married to
mortified + that
motivated + infinitive


natural to
near to
necessary to
necessary + infinitive
next to


open to
opposed to
opposite of
opposite to
original to


parallel to
partial to
passionate about
perfect for
pertinent to
pessimistic about
plaintive + that
pleased about
pleased with
pleased + infinitive
pleased + that
possible + infinitive
prepared for
prepared + infinitive
proud of
proud + infinitive
proud + that
puzzled about


qualified + infinitive
quiet about
quintessential to


raw about
raw + that
ready + infinitive
relieved about
relieved + infinitive
relieved + that
reluctant + infinitive
remembered for
remorseful about
remorseful + that
repentant for
repentant + that
required + infinitive
responsible for
right + that
rigid about
right about
right + infinitive
right + that


sad + infinitive
sad + that
satisfied with
scared of
scared + infinitive
second to
secondary to
separate from
serious about
shocked about
shocked at
shocked by
shocked + infinitive
shocked + that
short of
sick about
sick + that
similar to
smart about
sore about
sorrowful + that
sorry about
sorry for
sorry + infinitive
sorry + that
sour about
specific to
stunned + infinitive
surprised at
surprised by
surprised with
surprised + infinitive
surprised + that


talkative about
teeming with
terrible at
terrible with
terrified of
thankful for
tired from
tired of
touched + that
trained + infinitive
troubled about
trusting + that
truthful about


upset about
unaware of
unaware + that
uncomfortable with
uncomfortable + that
unhappy about
unhappy with
unhappy + infinitive
unhappy + that
united in
united with
unlikely + infinitive
unwelcome + infinitive
unwilling + infinitive
upset + infinitive
upset + that
used to
useless at
useless + infinitive


vicious about
victorious at
vigilant about
vigilant of


wary about
wary of
watchful for
watchful of
weary of
welcome + infinitive
whispered + infinitive
willing + infinitive
wise + infinitive
woeful of
worried about
worried + that
worse at
(the) worst at
worthless at
worthy of
wrong about
wrong + infinitive
wrong + that




zealous about

The Adjective Phrase Complement in English Grammar

The Adjective Phrase Complement in English Grammar

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