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Word Matrix: Solve

Solve Word Matrix

“disperse, dissipate, loosen” from Latin solvere

Word Sums

Solve + s = solves
Solve + ed = solved
Solve + ing = solving
Solve + er = solver
Solve + er + s = solvers
Solve + ate = solvate
Solve + ate + s = solvates
Solve + ate + ed = solvated
Solve + ate + ing = solvating
Solve + ent = solvent
Solve + ent + s = solvents
Solve + ent + ly = solvently
Solve + ent + less = solventless
Solve + able = solvable
Solve + ate + ion = solvation
Solve + ate + ion + s = solvations
Solve + ence + y = solvency
Solve + ence + y + es = solvencies
Solve + ability = solvability
Solve + ability + es = solvabilities
Solve + o + lyse + is = solvolysis
Solve + o + lyse + es = solvolyses
Solve + o + lyte + ic = solvolytic

ab + Solve = absolve
ab + Solve + s = absolves
ab + Solve + ed = absolved
ab + Solve + ing = absolving
ab + Solve + er = absolver
ab + Solve + er + s = absolvers
ab + Solve + ent = absolvent
ab + Solve + ent + s = absolvents

dis + Solve = dissolve
dis + Solve + s = dissolves
dis + Solve + ed = dissolved
dis + Solve + ing = dissolving
dis + Solve + er = dissolver
dis + Solve + er + s = dissolvers
dis + Solve + ent = dissolvent
dis + Solve + ent + s = dissolvents
dis + Solve + able = dissolvable

in + Solve + ent = insolvent
in + Solve + ent + s = insolvents
in + Solve + able = insolvable
in + Solve + ably = insolvably
in + Solve + ence + y = insolvency
in + Solve + ence + y + es = insolvencies

re + dis + Solve = redissolve
re + dis + Solve + s = redissolves
re + dis + Solve + ed = redissolved
re + dis + Solve + ing = redissolving

re + Solve = resolve
re + Solve + s = resolved
re + Solve + ed = resolves
re + Solve + ing = resolving
re + Solve + er = resolver
re + Solve + er + s = resolvers
re + Solve + ent = resolvent
re + Solve + ent + s = resolvents
re + Solve + able = resolvable

pre + Solve = presolve
pre + Solve + s = presolves
pre + Solve + ed = presolved
pre + Solve + ing = presolving

un + Solve + ed = unsolved
un + Solve + able = unsolvable
un + dis + Solve + ed = undissolved
un + re + Solve + ed = unresolved
un + re + Solve + able = unresolvable
ir + re + Solve + able = irresolvable


-s: forming plural of noun
-s: forming third person singular of verbs
-ed: forming simple past and past participle of weak verb
-ing: forming present participle of verb

ab-: off, away, or from
-ability: word-forming element expressing ability, fitness, or capacity
-able: word-forming element of English adjectives and generally adding a notion of capable of, allowed, worthy of, or requiring
-ably: forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives ending in -able
-ate: word-forming element used in forming nouns from Latin words ending in -atus, -atum
dis-: expressing negation, reversal, absence, removal, separation, or completeness
-ence: state or quality, process or action [variation of -ance]
-ent: forming adjectives denoting an occurrence of action and nouns denoting an agent [variation of -ant]
-er: denoting a person or thing that performs a specified action or activity
-es: plural ending for words of Latin origin that end in singular -is
-in: not
-ion: denoting state, condition, or action
-ir: not, without, a lack of [variation of in-, in- assimilated before r]
-is: singular ending for words of Latin origin
-less: word-forming element meaning lacking, cannot be, or does not
-ly: denoting manner or degree
-lyse: loosening, undergo or cause to undergo lysis [via Latin from Greek lusis]
-lysis: denoting disintegration or decomposition in nouns specifying an agent
-lyte: word-forming element used in making nouns corresponding to nouns in -lysis and adjectives in -lytic [loosened]
-lytic: word-forming element used in making adjectives corresponding to nouns in -lysis
pre-: prior to, before, earlier, in front of
re-: once again
un-: denoting the absence of a quality or state, not, denoting reversal, a lack of
-y: full of, having the quality of


solve: (verb) find an answer to, explanation for, or means of effectively dealing with a problem or mystery
solves: third person singular of solve
solved: simple past and past participle of solve
solving: present participle of solve
solver: (noun) person or thing that solves
solvers: plural of solver
solvate: chemical complex formed by the attachment of solvent molecules to that of a solute
solvates: plural and third person singular of solvate
solvated: simple past and past participle of solvate
solvating: present participle of solvate
solvent: (noun) liquid that dissolves a solid, liquid, or gaseous solute, resulting in a solution; that which resolves, (adjective) able to pay all debts as they become due, and having no more liabilities than assets; having the power of dissolving; causing solution
solvents: plural of solvent
solvently: (adverb) in a solvent manner or way
solventless: (adjective) lacking or does not use a solvent
solvable: (adjective) capable of being solved
solvation: (adjective) association, or a reaction, of a solute with a solvent
solvations: plural of solvation
solvency: (noun) state of having enough funds or liquid assets to pay all of one’s debts, state of being solvent
solvencies: plural of solvency
solvability: (noun) capability of being solved; condition of being solvent, ability to pay debts, solvency
solvabilities: plural of solvability
solvolysis: (noun) any reaction, between a solute and its solvent, in which one or more bonds of the solute are broken
solvolyses: plural of solvolysis
solvolytic: (adjective) of or pertaining to solvolysis

absolve: (verb) set free, release, or discharge
absolves: third person singular of absolve
absolved: simple past and past participle of absolve
absolving: present participle of absolve
absolver: (noun) person or thing that absolves
absolvers: plural of absolver
absolvent: (adjective) absolving, (noun) an absolver
absolvents: plural of absolvent

dissolve: (verb) terminate a union of multiple members actively; liquify, melt into a fluid; disintegrate chemically into a solution by immersion into a liquid or gas
dissolves: third person singular of dissolve
dissolved: simple past and past participle of dissolve
dissolving: present participle of dissolve
dissolver: (noun) person or thing that dissolves
dissolvers: plural of dissolver
dissolvent: (adjective) capable of dissolution into a fluid, (noun) substance which can dissolve or be dissolved into a liquid, a solvent
dissolvents: plural of dissolvent
dissolvable: (adjective) capable of being dissolved

insolvent: (adjective) unable to pay debts owed, relating to insolvency, (noun) one who cannot pay debts owed
insolvents: plural of insolvent
insolvable: (adjective) impossible to solve; incapable of being paid or discharged
insolvably: (adverb) in an insolvable manner
insolvency: (noun) state of being insolvent
insolvencies: plural of insolvency

redissolve: (verb) dissolve again or cause to dissolve again
redissolves: third person singular of redissolve
redissolved: simple past and past participle of redissolve
redissolving: present participle of redissolve

resolve: (verb) find a solution to a problem, solve again
resolves: third person singular of resolve
resolved: simple past and past participle of resolve
resolving: present participle of resolve
resolver: (noun) person or thing that resolves
resolvers: plural of resolver
resolvent: (abjective) able to separate the constituents of a mixture, (noun) any substance or material able to resolve the constituents of a mixture, a solvent
resolvents: plural of resolvent
resolvable: (adjective) able to be resolved

presolve: (verb) solve beforehand
presolves: third person singular of presolve
presolved: simple past and past participle of presolve
presolving: present participle of presolve

unsolved: (adjective) not solved
unsolvable: (adjective) not able to be solved
undissolved: (adjective) not dissolved
unresolved: (adjective) not resolved
unresolvable: (adjective) not able to be resolved
irresolvable: (adjective) impossible to resolve or separate

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