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Word Matrix: Ornithe

Orinthe Word Matrix

“bird” from Ancient Greek ὄρνις (órnis, “bird”)

Word Sums

Ornithe + s = ornithes
Ornithe + ic = ornithic
Ornithe + ine = ornithine
Ornithe + ine + s = ornithines
Ornithe + Ischi + a = ornithischia
Ornithe + Ischi + an = ornithischian
Ornithe + Ischi + an + s = ornithischians
Ornithe + Ichn + ite = ornithichnite
Ornithe + Ichn + ite + s = ornithichnites
Ornithe + Ichn + o + Log(e) + y = ornithichnology
Ornithe + Ichn + o + Log(e) + ist = ornithichnologist
Ornithe + Ichn + o + Log(e) + ist + s = ornithichnologists
Ornithe + osis = ornithosis
Ornithe + oses = ornithoses

Ornithe + o + Log(e) + y = ornithology
Ornithe + o + Log(e) + y + es = ornithologies
Ornithe + o + Log(e) + ic = ornithologic
Ornithe + o + Log(e) + ic + al = ornithological
Ornithe + o + Log(e) + ic + al + ly = ornithologically
Ornithe + o + Log(e) + ist = ornithologist
Ornithe + o + Log(e) + ist + s = ornithologists
Ornithe + o + Log(e) + y = ornitholog
Ornithe + o + Pod = ornithopod
Ornithe + o + Pod + s = ornithopods
Ornithe + o + Pter = ornithopter
Ornithe + o + Pter + s = ornithopters
Ornithe + o + id = ornithoid
Ornithe + o + id + s = ornithoids
Ornithe + o + Rhynch + us = ornithorhynchus
Ornithe + o + Ge + o + Graph + y = ornithogeography
Ornithe + o + Ge + o + Graph + ic = ornithogeographic
Ornithe + o + Ge + o + Graph + ic + al = ornithogeographical
Ornithe + o + Ge + o + Graph + er = ornithogeographer
Ornithe + o + Ge + o + Graph + er + s = ornithogeographers
Ornithe + o + Lite = ornitholite
Ornithe + o + Lite + s = ornitholites
Ornithe + o + Copro + Phil + ous = ornithocoprophilous
Ornithe + o + Lestes = ornitholestes
Ornithe + o + Chore = ornithochore
Ornithe + o + Chore + s = ornithochores
Ornithe + o + Chore + ous  = ornithochorous
Ornithe + o + Chore + y = ornithochory
Ornithe + o + G(e)n(e) + ic = ornithogenic
Ornithe + o + Mane + cy = ornithomancy
Ornithe + o + Morph = ornithomorph
Ornithe + o + Morph + s = ornithomorphs
Ornithe + o + Nym = ornithonym
Ornithe + o + Nym + s = ornithonyms
Ornithe + o + Phage + ous = ornithophagous
Ornithe + o + Phage + y = ornithophagy
Ornithe + o + Phile = ornithophile
Ornithe + o + Phile + s = ornithophiles
Ornithe + o + Phile + i + ac = ornithophiliac
Ornithe + o + Phile + i + ac + s = ornithophiliacs
Ornithe + o + Phile + ia = ornithophilia
Ornithe + o + Phile + ic = ornithophilic
Ornithe + o + Phile + ous = ornithophilous
Ornithe + o + Phile + y = ornithophily
Ornithe + o + Phobe = ornithophobe
Ornithe + o + Phobe + s  = ornithophobes
Ornithe + o + Phobe + ia = ornithophobia
Ornithe + o + Phobe + ia + s = ornithophobias
Ornithe + o + Phobe + ic = ornithophobic
Ornithe + o + Scope + y = ornithoscopy
Ornithe + o + Tome + y = ornithotomy

Saur + Ornithe + s = saurornithes
Saur + Ornithe + o + id + es = saurornithoides


ornithe: (noun) bird
-s/-es: forming plural of noun

-a: forming ancient or Latinized modern names of animals and plants
-ac: one affected with
-al: relating to; of the kind of
-an: forming adjectives and nouns from names of zoological classes or orders
chore: organism that spreads by a specified agent or in a specified manner; move, spread
copro: dung, filth, excrement [from Latinized form of Greek kopros “dung”]
-cy: denoting a state or condition
-er: denoting a person or thing that performs a specified action or activity
-es: plural of -is
ge: earth, the Earth
g(e)n(e): something produced, thing that produces or causes
graph: instrument for recording; that which writes, marks, or describes; something written [from Greek -graphos “-writing, -writer”]
-i-: connecting vowel
-ic: forming an adjective that denotes relating to
ichn: trace
-id: forming adjective [from French -ide, from Latin -idus]
-ine: belonging to; resembling in nature
-is: Hellenic suffix, present in English but not productive
ischi: lowest of the three bones that make up each side of the pelvis [from Greek iskhion “hip joint”]
-ist: forming a personal noun denoting a person who does something or denoting an adherent of a system of beliefs, principles, etc. expressed by a noun ending in -ism [from Old French -iste, Latin -ista, from Greek -istēs]
lestes: used to form taxonomic names, usually of genera
lite: stone [from Greek lithos “stone”]
log(e): word, speech, reason [from Greek logos “word, discourse; reason”]
-logy: study
-ly: denoting manner or degree
mane: one who divines, a seer, prophet; one touched by divine madness
-mancy: divination by means of
morph: shape or form
nym: word or name
-o-: connecting vowel
-oses: plural of -osis
-osis: denoting a pathology or disease
-ous: characterized by, of the nature of [from Anglo-Norman French, or Old French -eus, from Latin -osus]
phage: eat, feed on, food
-phagy: feeding on; consumption of
phile: denoting a person or thing having a fondness for a specified thing; loving, fond of, tending to
-phily: liking for, tendency towards
phobe: fear
pod: related to or resembling a foot or similar limb [Greek podos, genitive of pous “foot”]
pter: wing, feather [from Greek pteron “wing”]
rhynch: snout
saur: lizard, reptile
scope: used to make terms denoting an instrument used for viewing or examination
-scopy: observation, viewing
tome: instrument for cutting
-tomy: cutting, incision, section
-y: full of, having the quality of


ornithes: (noun) plural of ornis, birds
ornithic: (adjective) of, relating to, or characteristic of birds; avian
ornithine: (noun) amino acid which is produced by the body and is important in protein metabolism
ornithines: plural of ornithine
ornithischia: (noun) taxonomic order within the superorder Dinosauria, the beaked, herbivorous dinosaurs
ornithischian: (noun) any of a group of dinosaurs, of the order Ornithischia, that have hips characteristic of birds
ornithischians: plural of ornithischian
ornithology: (noun) branch of zoology that deals with the scientific study of birds
ornithologies: plural of ornithology
ornithologic: (adjective) of or relating to ornithology
ornithological: (adjective) of or relating to ornithology
ornithologically: (adverb) in terms of ornithology
ornithologist: (noun) person who studies birds, one who studies or practices ornithology
ornithologists: plural of ornithologist
ornithopod: (noun) type of bipedal, herbivorous, bird-hipped dinosaur from the Cretaceous period, found on all seven continents
ornithopods: plural of ornithopod
ornithopter: (noun) aircraft that generates lift through the flapping of its wings
ornithopters: plural of ornithopter
ornithosis: (noun) zoonotic infectious disease of birds caused by a bacterium called Chlamydia psittaci
ornithoses: (noun) plural of ornithosis
ornithoid: (adjective) resembling or characteristic of a bird, (noun) any bird-like creature
ornithoids: plural of ornithoid
ornithorhynchus: (noun) platypus, literally “bird snout”
ornithogeography: (noun) study of the geological distribution of birds
ornithogeographic: (adjective) relating to ornithogeography
ornithogeographical: (adjective) relating to ornithogeography
ornithogeographer: (noun) person who studies ornithogeography
ornithogeographers: plural of ornithogeographer
ornitholite: (noun) fossil remains of a bird, stone of various colours bearing the figures of birds
ornitholites: plural of ornitholite
ornithocoprophilous: (adjective) growing on bird droppings, preferring habitats rich in bird manure
ornitholestes: (noun) taxonomic genus within the family Compsognathidae-ornitholestes
ornithochore: (noun) plant whose spores, seeds, or fruits are dispersed by birds
ornithochores: plural of ornithochore
ornithochorous: (adjective) spread, or having seeds that are dispersed, by birds
ornithochory: (noun) dispersal of seeds by birds
ornithogenic: (adjective) formed or produced by birds
ornithichnite: (noun) fossilized footprint left by a bird
ornithichnites: plural of ornithichnite
ornithichnology: branch of science that deals with the fossilized footprint left by a bird
ornithichnologist: (noun) person who studies the fossilized footprint left by a bird
ornithichnologists: plural of ornithichnologist
ornithomancy: (noun) divination by means of birds
ornithomorph: (noun) figure in ancient art resembling a bird
ornithomorphs: plural of ornithomorph
ornithonym: (noun) common name of a species of bird
ornithonyms: plural of ornithonym
ornithophagous: (adjective) that feeds on birds
ornithophagy: (noun) condition of being ornithophagous
ornithophile: (noun) bird-lover, person who loves birds
ornithophiles: plural of ornithophile
ornithophiliac: (noun) person who engages in ornithophilia
ornithophiliacs: plural of ornithophiliac
ornithophilia: (noun) love of birds
ornithophilic: (adjective) that feeds on birds
ornithophilous: (adjective) thriving in the presence of birds, pollinated by birds
ornithophily: (noun) pollination by birds
ornithophobe: (noun) person who is afraid of birds
ornithophobes: plural of ornithophobe
ornithophobia: (noun) fear of birds
ornithophobias: plural of ornithophobia
ornithophobic: (adjective) scared of birds
ornithoscopy: (noun) birdwatching
ornithotomy: (noun) anatomy or dissection of birds
saurornithes: (noun) taxonomic subclass within the class Aves
saurornithoides: (noun) taxonomic genus within the family Troodontidae-troodontid dinosaurs


ornis [Greek ornis (genitive ornithos) “a bird”]

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