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Word Matrix: Birth

Birth Word Matrix

“bear offspring,” from Old Norse burðr, byrd, replacing Old English ġebyrd “birth, descent, race; offspring; nature; fate,” from PIE *bhrto past participle of root *bher- “to carry; to bear children” with -th suffix meaning “process”

Word Sums

Birth + s = births
Birth + ed = birthed
Birth + ing = birthing
Birth + ing + s = birthings

Birth + Date = birthdate
Birth + Date + s = birthdates
Birth + Day = birthday
Birth + Day + s = birthdays
re + Birth + Day = rebirthday
re + Birth + Day + s = rebirthdays
un + Birth + Day = unbirthday
un + Birth + Day + s = unbirthdays
Birth + Mark = birthmark
Birth + Mark + s = birthmarks
Birth + Name = birthname
Birth + Name + s = birthnames
Birth + Place = birthplace
Birth + Place + s = birthplaces
Birth + Rate = birthrate
Birth + Rate + s = birthrates
Birth + Right = birthright
Birth + Right + s = birthrights
Birth + Root = birthroot
Birth + Root + s = birthroots
Birth + Stone = birthstone
Birth + Stone + s = birthstones
Birth + Wort = birthwort
Birth + Wort + s = birthworts
Birth + Year = birthyear
Birth + Year + s = birthyears

After + Birth = afterbirth
After + Birth + s = afterbirths
Child + Birth = childbirth
Child + Birth + s = childbirths
Cross + Birth = crossbirth
Cross + Birth + s = crossbirths
Fore + Birth = forebirth
Fore + Birth + s = forebirths
Gain + Birth = gainbirth
Gain + Birth + s = gainbirths
Home + Birth = homebirth
Home + Birth + s = homebirths
pre + Birth = prebirth
pre + Birth + s = prebirths
Still + Birth = stillbirth
Still + Birth + s = stillbirths

re + Birth = rebirth
re + Birth + s = rebirths
re + Birth + ed = rebirthed
re + Birth + ing = rebirthing

Birth + er = birther
Birth + er + s = birthers
Birth + er + ism = birtherism


birth: bear offspring
-s: forming plural of noun
-s: forming third person singular of verbs
-ed: forming simple past and past participle of weak verb
-ing: forming present participle of verb

after: in the time following, next to and following in order or importance
child: human offspring
cross: go or extend across or to the other side of
date: day of the month or year as specified by a number
day: twenty-four-hour time period, single rotation of a planet
-er: person who subscribes to a particular conspiracy theory or unorthodox belief
fore: in front, in advance, situated in front of, preceding, going before
gain: prefix denoting restoration or a return to a previous state
home: place where one lives permanently, house
-ism: forming a noun denoting a system, principle, or ideological movement; an action or its result; a state or quality
mark: small area on a surface having a different color from its surroundings
name: word or set of words by which a person or thing is known, addressed, or referred to
place: location; particular position, point, or area in space
pre-: prior to, before, earlier, in front of
rate: measure, quantity, or frequency, typically one measured against another quantity or measure
re-: once gain
right: moral or legal entitlement to have or do something
root: basic cause, source, or origin
still: unmoving, undisturbed
stone: hard solid non-metallic mineral matter
wort: plant or herb used as food or medicinally
un-: not
year: 365 1/4 day time period, single revolution of a planet around a sun


birth: (noun) beginning of life, (verb) to bear offspring
births: plural of birth, third person singular of rebirth
birthed: simple past and past participle of rebirth
birthing: present participle of birth, (noun) act of giving birth
birthings: plural of birthing

birthdate: (noun) year, month, and day of a birth
birthdates: plural of birthdate
birthday: (noun) anniversary of the day on which someone is born
birthdays: plural of birthday
rebirthday: (noun) day of rebirth or its anniversary
rebirthdays: plural of rebirthday
unbirthday: (noun) day that is not one’s birthday but is celebrated as though it were [coined by English writer Lewis Carroll]
unbirthdays: plural of unbirthday
birthmark: (noun) mark on the skin formed before birth
birthmarks: plural of birthmark
birthname: (noun) name chosen for a child at birth
birthnames: plural of birthname
birthplace: (noun) place where a person was born, place where something started or originated
birthplaces: plural of birthplace
birthrate: (noun) ratio of total live births to total population for a specific community or nation in a specified period
birthrates: plural of birthrate
birthright: (noun) right of possession or privilege a person has from birth
birthrights: plural of birthright
birthroot: (noun) perennial plant of North America with deep-red flowers
birthroots: plural of birthroot
birthstone: (noun) gemstone popularly associated with the month or astrological sign of a person’s birth
birthstones: plural of birthstone
birthwort: (noun) certain plant species of the genus Aristolochia (formerly used medicinally in cases of difficult childbirth)
birthworts: plural of birthwort
birthyear: (noun) year in which one was born
birthyears: plural of birthyear

afterbirth: (noun) placenta and other material expelled via the birth canal following childbirth or parturition in mammals
afterbirths: plural of afterbirth
childbirth: (noun) action of giving birth to a child
childbirths: plural of childbirth
crossbirth: (noun) birth in which the fetus is positioned with neither the head nor the feet lying in the direction of the birth canal
crossbirths: plural of crossbirth
forebirth: (noun) that which precedes birth or is first-born
forebirths: plural of forebirth
gainbirth: (noun) regeneration, rebirth
gainbirths: plural of gainbirth
homebirth: (noun) childbirth taking place at home rather than in a hospital
homebirths: plural of homebirth
prebirth: (noun) period preceding a birth, (adjective) pertaining to or occurring during the period preceding a birth
prebirths: plural of prebirth
stillbirth: (noun) birth of an infant that has died in the womb
stillbirths: plural of stillbirth

rebirth: (noun) process of being reincarnated or born again, revival, (verb) cause to be born again or spiritually renewed
rebirths: plural of rebirth, third person singular of rebirth
rebirthed: simple past and past participle of rebirth
rebirthing: present participle of rebirth

birther: (noun) believer in the conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and therefore ineligible for presidency due to national law
birthers: plural of birther
birtherism: (noun) movement in the United States that doubts or denies that Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen and therefore ineligible for presidency due to national law



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