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Grammatical Functions of English Determiners

Determiners are words that provide information such as familiarity, location, quantity, and number about a noun or a verb in the form of a present participle. The seven types of determiners in the English language are articles, demonstrative determiners, interrogative determiners, possessive determiners, possessive interrogative determiners, quantifiers, and numerals. Determiners perform only one grammatical function within sentences in the English language: determinatives.

Determiners as Determinatives

The only grammatical function that determiners perform is the determinative. Determinatives are words and phrases that express additional information such as definiteness, proximity, quantity, and relationships about a noun phrase or verb phrase in the form of a present participle. For example, the following italicized determiners function as determinatives:

The one grammatical function of determiners in English grammar is the determinative.


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